London Independent Photography : 2019 Exhibition Print Submissions Accepted.

I n s p i r a t i o n   P o i n t   :   T h e   A r c h i t e c t.  (2 0 1 9)

This image is a statue of Aníbal González Álvarez-Ossorio who was the Chief Architect responsible for the building of the Plaza de Espana for the Expo 29.  Situated in the Maria Luisa Park in the city of Seville, Andalucia, Spain.

This image was chosen to be used as the exhibition poster for advertising the London Independent Photography 31st Annual Exhibition at the Espacio Gallery in London, October 2019. 


S t r e e t   H e a r t   ( 2 0 1 9 ).

This image was taken in the town of Tarifa, the most southern point of mainland Europe.  The walls near the beach have been decorated by a variety of street artists.  I was fascintated by the hands, eyes, heart etc. and many juxtapostions were possible.  The red elements x 2.


J u s t i c e   f o r   t h e   T a k i n g   ( M V   S e w o l ).

This image was taken in Trafalgar Square London in 2017.  I was approached by the lady, third from the right, who asked me to help her by taking some photographs and to spread the word.  She explained a situation that I was not aware of which, taken as truth at the time, made me feel baffled, disgusted and yet somehow not surprised.  I checked for myself later and the MV Sewol was a South Korean ferry which capsized in 2014.  304 people drowned of which 250 were schoolchildren.  The amount of cargo being carried was twice the legal limit.  The dynamics of this peaceful protest were interesting. That they were stood under a poster of the "Taking of Jesus" by Caravaggio, the main figures being Jesus and Judas, was I think considered coincidental by many.  I had a different view.  My images of this protest were given free of charge to the lady who approached me.