Based in Sherwood Forest, North Nottinghamshire, England, I have lived in and around the area for most of my life. 

Essentially self-taught, I was always interested when my dad took photographs with his Voigtländer Bessa, which he had acquired in Hamburg, Germany in 1945.  It was like a comedy sketch as he set the camera up on a pair of step ladders, set the timer mechanism and then hopped back to stand at the side of me just in time for the shutter to go.  At junior school I was inspired by my teacher, Mr Bond who was a photographer and a brilliant artist, often drawing in charcoal the characters from the stories he read to us.  My first photographs were taken at about the age of eight with a 127 Kodak ‘Brownie’ which I had been allowed to borrow for a weekend.  Mr Bond taught us how to make pinhole cameras with cardboard roll from the fabric shop and how to develop film.  He also loaned a book to me which he had brought back from an exhibition in London, the book and the pictures fascinated me and it was quite a few years later that I realised it was Tir a’Mhurain by Paul Strand.  So that was the start.  Fortunate to have more time now, I continue to pursue the forest and mining areas where I live along with other projects. I learn something new every day.  I am inspired by the following photographers, artists and writers but the list is by no means complete:

Paul Strand, Josef Sudek, Stephen Shore, Joel Sternfeld, Robert Adams, Minor White, Imogen Cunningham, Laura Gilpin, Harry Callahan, Edward Weston, Paul Hill, Raymond Moore, John Blakemore, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Chris Killip, Alec Soth, Gerry Johansson, Michael Fattorini, Adam Dunning, Ray Metzker, Robert Frank, Walker Evans, Mr And Mrs Becher, Jan Töve, Eliot Porter, Ellsworth Kelly, Mark Rothko, Fay Godwin, George Tice, Don McCullin, Eugene Atget, Andre Kertesz, Lee Friedlander, George Logan, David Buchanan, Martin Parr, Stuart Franklin, the many, many wonderful photographers at London Independent Photography and Shutter Hub.  The writings of John O’Donohue, John Berger, Geoff Dyer, Jorg Colberg, Tristan Gooley, Robert MacFarlane.

The list goes on and on, there are so many.  I return so often to Strand and Sudek.

Solo Exhibitions

2020 Newark Town Hall Spotlight Gallery, ‘Sciryuda’ (Postponed)
2019 Mansfield Museum, ‘Maun’
2019 BeLoved Gallery, Southwell, ‘Sciryuda’
2019 Southwell Minster, ‘Sciryuda’
2019 Worksop, ‘Maun’
2018 Worksop, ‘Sciryuda’.
2018 West Bridgford, ‘Sciryuda’

Group Exhibitions

2020 London Independent Phtography LIP Chronicles: Life Under Lockdown.
2019 London Independent Photography, Espacio Gallery.
2019 Shutter Hub, University of Cambridge ‘Everything I Ever Learnt’ - Climate Strike.
2019 Shutter Hub, Usk, Wales ‘Home’.
2019 Shutter Hub, ‘Street / Form’, Rotterdam.
2019 Nottingham Off-Centre Photo Festival.  Maun / Sciryuda.
2018 Shutter Hub, ‘Maun’ East London Innternational Exhibition, London.
2018 Shutter Hub, ‘Maun’ Open Exhibition, 5&33 Gallery, Amsterdam.
2018 London Independent Photography, Espacio Gallery.
2017 London Independent Photography, Espacio Gallery.
2017 Shutter Hub, ‘Sciryuda’ Retina International Exhibition, Edinburgh.
2016 London Independent Photography, ‘Sciryuda’.


2020 FLIP Spring : Sciryuda (Feature Article)
2019 FLIP Winter : LIP Exhibition Review.
2019 Nottingham Off-Centre Exhibition publication.
2019 FLIP Spring : Belonging (Feature article).
2017 FLIP Spring : Reflections.

2017 Chinese Photographers Magazine : Window of the World : Sciryuda


Quad, Derby (Paul Hill) - Sciryuda / Sherwood Forest.
Quad, Derby (Paul Hill) - Tarifa / Street.


Sciryuda - London Independent Photography - see here.
Sciryuda - Shutter Hub - see here.


The Voigtländer Bessa, obtained in Hamburg, 1945 by my father in exchange for twenty cigarettes.
Serviced in 2017 by Cees-Jan de Hoog, Edinburgh.