Exhibitions etc.

Group Exhibitions

2019    London Independent Photography (LIP) 31st Annual Exhibition, London.
2019    Gallery at Home, Monmouthshire (Shutter Hub). 'Home'
2019    Street / Form (Shutter Hub) - Rotterdam Pow Wow Street Art Festival.
2019    ARB University of Cambridge - (Shutter Hub) 'Everything I ever Learnt'.
2018    Art'otel 5&33 Gallery, (Shutter Hub) Amsterdam.
2018    Off Centre Photo Festival, Nottingham.
2018    Photomonth, East London International Photo Festival – Shutter Hub Open Exhibition, London.
2018    Photomonth, East London International Photo Festival - London Independent (LIP) 30th Annual Exhibition, London.
2017    Retina International Photography Festival (Shutter Hub), Edinburgh.
2017    London Independent (LIP) 29th Annual Exhibition, London.
2016    London Independent (LIP) 28th Annual Exhibition, London.

Solo Exhibitions

2020    'Sciryuda' - Spotlight Gallery, Newark Town Hall.
2019    Maun, Forest River 'light flow' - Mansfield Museum.
2019    'Sciryuda' - Southwell Minster.
2019    Maun, Forest River 'light flow' - Worksop Library.
2019    'Sciryuda' - BeLoved, Southwell.
2018    ‘Sciryuda’ - Worksop Library, Nottinghamshire.
2018    ‘Sciryuda’ - West Bridgford Library, Nottinghamshire.


2020   fLIP – London Independent Magazine - 'Wild' featuring images from 'Sciryuda'.
2019    fLIP – London Independent Magazine - 'Spirited' (Exhibition Review).
2019    fLIP – London Independent Magazine - 'Belonging'
2017    fLIP – London Independent Magazine - 'Reflections'
2017    Chinese Photographers Magazine ‘Window of the World’.


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A full-page spread from Chinese Photographers Magazine (August 2017) which
featured a number of my Sciryuda images in the 'Window of the World' section.

I first became interested in art, images and photography as a very young boy and was always fascinated as I watched my Dad set up and balance his camera on some old stepladders in our back yard at home. Positioning me in the frame to hopefully appear in the final picture, then starting the timer mechanism followed by a quick hop and skip to stand by me, the whole thing was a performance worthy of any comedy sketch and I have fond memories.  Every time I am photographed, I am back there.   Recently serviced and still working, the camera is one of the early Voigtlander Bessa models, acquired in Hamburg, Germany at the end of WW2. It is still a treasured family item and can be seen in the image below.  

At junior school, Mr Bond, as well as being a brilliant teacher was also a very good artist and photographer.  I remember him drawing images in charcoal and then coating them with hairspray - fixer apparently.  He encouraged quite a few of us to make pinhole cameras by getting old tubes from the fabric seller.  I remember being totally transfixed as my first image appeared crystal clear on the tissue paper and it was upside down.  No problem, I would soon sort that out.  Little did I know, but the journey had started.

My first images were made with a old Brownie 127, loaned to me by our teacher, and the results were ok. I was a little confused though when my Dad said 'I had an eye'. The first camera I owned was a small Kodak Instamatic and the first 35mm was a Russian Zenit, family presents. Mr Bond loaned me a book of photographs that he had bought at an exhibition in London, around about 1971.  I was fascinated by the pictures in the book and it was only many years later when I picked the same book up again that I realised it was 'Tir a Mhurain', a book of photographs by Paul Strand.

I was always keen on art, drawing, photography and often had my camera at many family and other events.  Initially self-taught, many years ago I eventually I took a few basic courses and met a Scottish photographer who was the source of much help and support.  Today, I work and meet up with other accomplished artists and photographers to discuss ideas, images and concepts.  I am a Shutter Hub photographer and member of London Independent Photography, highly recommended.    

I have a few of my own initiated projects that I am working on - these will take time.  When I cannot get out or in an evening perhaps, I have many books or websites by other photograpers, artists and tutors that I like to look through or visit - I never tire of them, Paul Strand, Josef Sudek, Eliot Porter, Harry Callahan, Stephen Shore, Mr and Mrs Becher, Paul Caponigro, Raymond Moore, Paul Hill, Thomas J. Cooper, John Blakemore, Fay Godwin, Lewis Baltz, Walker Evans, Lewis Hine, Robert Adams, Lee Friedlander, Eugene Atget, Andre Kertesz, Ellesworth Kelly, Jan Tove, Ray Metzker, Gerry Johansson, George Logan, Adam Dunning, Mick Fattorini, Ben Dolman, Jörg M. Colberg, everyone at LIP and Shutter Hub and so many others.  I can spend hours with their images and thoughts.  There are so many master photographers and artists - but there really is room for everyone to have a go.

Today, with or without a camera, I look, hope to see, try and understand and continue to learn.

Terence Lane.

contact : terence@terencelane.com

Voightlander Bessa in 2019.   Given in exchange for twenty cigarettes,  Germany 1945.

(Thank you Cees-Jan)